Obtain CFC certificate 12 months- Become CO2 climate neutral (400 sqm forest area)



More than half the global economy directly depends on our natural world, investing in nature is crucial- it is the foundation of all our well-being.

At CFC Tree and Forest Foundation., we offer opportunities to move forward from the harm of deforestation with sustainable forest management.

In reducing your carbon footprint, not only can you preserve and enjoy the wonders of forestry, but you can be a part of replenishing natural resources.

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Live sustainably and offset your individual or company carbon footprint.

CFC Tree and Forest Foundation offers a CFC Co2 certificate in Cochem. We work to offset 1.5 tons of Co2 each year.  In our mission to sequester carbon dioxide, we not only restore natural habitats, plant trees, and protect forest land– we encourage and work towards green energy solutions. We know carbon offsets are not a get-out-of-jail-free card, but they are useful while infrastructure and industry make the transition to electric mobility.

What is currently on offer:

  • Complete documentation and geocoordinates so that your co2 offsetting can be seen at anytime
  • Each 100sqm forest area has starts with at least 30 trees (full grown) with the minimum height of 4 meters
  • Not only are we promoting climate neutrality, but we protect and conserve your piece of European Forest

During this process, we work closely with foresters and forest districts to ensure we are working ethically and to a standard our environment deserves. CFC takes climate change seriously; we want to give back more than we take. Our priority is to re-establish our relationships with nature and promote balanced lifestyles.

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